With more than 20 years of educational experience, Brazilian International School emerges with the purpose to provide bilingual education to students from Early Childhood to High School, guaranteeing a high quality academic education with natural fluency in Portuguese and English Language.

The program is directed for both Brazilian and foreign students, contributing to a more plural and diverse school environment. Students are introduced to the learning of both languages, with complete curriculums, carefully elaborated by a qualified team, committed to a global education.

Since 2019, Brazilian International School is part of Bahema Educação, a brazilian education group that brings together educational institutions committed to training students with critical thinking and resources to act in the transformation of the world with responsibility and awareness.


Appreciation of Brazilian Culture

One of the essential points of the School's educational philosophy is the appreciation of Brazilian culture. Learners often have contact with the various elements, as they are an active part of the curriculum as well as the other mandatory subjects.

From Early Childhood to High School, the institution strives to offer means to the development of a varied cultural repertoire. The experience in bilingual education meets this objective, as, in the learning process, students not only assimilate a language, but also the cultural identity that the language carries with it.


Pedagogical Proposal

Offer a cutting edge education. This is the main objective of Brazilian International School when outlining its pedagogical proposal, which is directed towards the development of capacities, potentials and aptitudes of each student.


Educating for insertion in a globalized world

Proficiency in foreign languages is increasingly essential in a globalized society. English is the preferred language and fluency is a requirement even for those who do not consider having an international experience. With that in mind, the bilingual training provided by the Brazilian International School focuses on in-depth language learning.

From Early Childhood to High School, passing through Middle School, the program is not just about English as a discipline, but the naturalization of its use as a way to communicate and perceive the other.


BIS provides a complete formation on Basic Education:

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